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a bridge too far book


"By ordering Von Rundstedt to replace Field Marshal Model, Hitler was making his third change of command of OB West within two months -- from Von Rundstedt to Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge, to Model, and now once again to Von Rundstedt. That the supply and transportation system, designed for a much slower rate of progress, had stood up to the strain of the hectic pursuit at all was close to miraculous.Yet, in spite of the critical logistic situation, no one was ready to admit that the armies must soon halt or that the pursuit was over. It throws the audience into the midst of one of the greatest military failures of the Second World War. Had General Johannes Blaskowitz, its commander, successfully withdrawn from France? zzzz. The vital information he noted down was sent to Amsterdam by courier and from there via a secret network to London.In suburban Oosterbeek, young Jan Eijkelhoff, threading his way unobtrusively through the crowds, cycled all over the area, delivering forged food ration cards to Dutchmen hiding out from the Germans. Crowded in the casket space in back were a score of disheveled, exhausted Germans.Trudging in these wretched convoys were German soldiers from many units. Yet, keeping the enemy off balance and disorganized demanded constant, unremitting Allied pressure. But no one in Driel could tell for sure exactly the direction the convoys were taking. But, at the moment, Eisenhower emphasized, "no relocation of our present resources would be adequate to sustain a thrust to Berlin...."Eisenhower's decision took thirty-six hours to reach Montgomery, and then only the last half of the message arrived. Peter Conrad sees Peter Carey go back to Australia in 30 Days in Sydney without appearing to visit the city at all. Two miles from Nijmegen, in the village of Lent on the northern bank of the Waal, Dr. Frans Huygen, while making his rounds, saw troops begging for civilian clothing, which the villagers refused. He was intrigued by reports that, for more than thirty-six hours now, the British had mounted no drive north from the city, nor had they cut the South Beveland peninsula. Now, outraged at the jeopardy to his career and reputation, Von Rundstedt told his chief of staff, Major General Gunther Blumentritt, that he had been "dismissed in disgrace by an amateur strategist." With characteristic preciseness, he had honed and refined his arguments preparatory to the meeting. In an emergency, using complicated circuitry, secret lines and coded information, resistance leaders could call all over the country. Eisenhower said he understood Montgomery's peculiarities better than the Britisher realized. His only option was to try to bring order out of chaos and to buy time by outguessing Allied intentions, if he could.Von Rundstedt did not underestimate Eisenhower's intelligence of the German predicament. And because of the nightly curfew the villagers were unable to leave their houses to investigate.Plagued by uncertainty, they could only wait. The Allies, the Germans suspected, completely underestimated the size of the evacuation. Montgomery's difficulties mounted with the discovery that 1,400 British three-ton trucks were useless because of faulty pistons.Now, in herculean efforts to keep the pursuit going without pause, a ceaseless belt of trucks -- the "Red Ball Express" -- hammered east, delivered their supplies and then swung back to the west for more, some convoys often making a grueling round trip of between six and eight hundred miles. They were slowly regrouping; some horse-drawn units of the 719th were starting to move south. Peijnenburg felt confused and uneasy.Others shared his concern -- especially the underground high command meeting secretly in The Hague. A Bridge Too Far is Cornelius Ryan's masterly chronicle of the Battle of Arnhem, which marshalled the greatest armada of troop-carrying aircraft ever assembled and cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day. In the drugstore on the main street in Oosterbeek, Karel de Wit was worried. This atmosphere is being brought back to the rear areas, infecting units still intact and in this moment of extreme tension must be prevented by the strongest means.I appeal to your honor as soldiers. [3], The 1974 book was published by Simon & Schuster in New York and by Hamish Hamilton in London. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. That thrust, the northern one "via the Ruhr," was, in Montgomery's opinion, "likely to give the best and quickest results." We are short of ammunition. I cannot tell you more at the present, although I know that questions are burning on your lips. Von Rundstedt knew that the plan was hazardous, but he saw no other course, for, if successful, he would have almost an entire German army, battered though it might be, at his disposal. But instead of attacking northeast, Von Zangen was ordered to evacuate his remaining troops by sea, across the waters of the Schelde to the island of Walcheren. Still, if something was wrong, Bernhard had to know.At his spartan, tented headquarters in the Royal Palace Gardens at Laeken, a few miles from the center of Brussels, Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery impatiently waited for an answer to his coded "Personal for Eisenhower Eyes Only" message. These troops were not heading back into Germany. He did not know whether the huge port, the second-largest in Europe, was captured intact or destroyed by the German garrison. For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, a deluxe collector’s edition gathering two gripping masterpieces of military history. But the situation was different in the 1941 airborne assault of Crete. They were not regular Wehrmacht soldiers. Weapons and equipment would be issued at the "railheads of destination." The airborne forces were to seize a succession of river crossings in Holland ahead of his troops, with the major objective being the Lower Rhine bridge at Arnhem. After Rommel was badly wounded by a strafing Allied plane on July 17, no one had been sent to replace him. "Next, a special message was broadcast from General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, confirming that freedom was imminent. "Naturally I automatically assumed that Montgomery, commander on the spot, knew the situation better than anyone else," Bernhard later said. 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Von Rundstedt could neither "drive the invaders into the sea" nor "annihilate them" (the words were Hitler's).On the night of July 1, at the height of the Normandy battle, Hitler's chief of staff, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, called Von Rundstedt and plaintively asked, "What shall we do?" [Cornelius Ryan] -- Reviews the individuals, tactics, and events involved in Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery's plan to end World War II. And for these fleeing forces all roads seemed to lead to the German border.Because the withdrawal began so slowly -- a trickle of staff cars and vehicles crossing the Belgian frontier -- few Dutch could tell exactly when it had started. The Field Marshal could see no solution to any of these impending threats. "The crushing defeat of the Germans in Normandy and the systematic and speedy annihilation of their forces following the breakout had caused the logistic crisis. We were not listened to. Obviously these forces had been withdrawn, preparatory to another airborne operation. From my heart I hope so. 1974 “One Minute to Ditch!” 2016 The Star Spangled Mikado. I was sick at heart, because I knew that German strength would grow with each passing day. As in Arnhem, the casual spectator seemed unaware of the difference. We are short of petrol for the tanks and if we did attack, in all probability they would become stranded." Eisenhower explained to Montgomery that he wanted Patton to continue eastward so that a link-up might be effected with the American and French forces advancing from the south. On another point, however, they clashed. Whatever has happened, never lose your faith in the future of Germany. Learning that he was on a list of Dutch hostages to be arrested by the Germans, he had fled from his home in the town of Geldermalsen, twenty miles away, bringing his wife, Bertha, and their nine-year-old son. Supplying four great armies in full pursuit from that far back was a nightmarish task. But, as he told the Deputy Supreme Commander, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Tedder, and SHAEF's assistant chief of staff Lieutenant General Frederick Morgan, for Montgomery "to talk of marching to Berlin with an army which is still drawing the great bulk of its supplies over the beaches is fantastic. Driel, sitting in a great bend of the Lower Rhine, southwest of Arnhem, capital of Gelderland, has an ever-present reminder of the struggle. A major defeat anywhere along the front -- which was so full of gaps that it did not deserve the name -- would lead to catastrophe if the enemy were to fully exploit the opportunities. Edition Notes Bibliography: p. 641-649. Equally, Von Rundstedt could not discount the possibility of the entire Allied front moving forward simultaneously toward the Ruhr and the Saar with airborne troops committed at the same time. Montgomery's 21st Army Group now rivaled Patton's in speed. Fearing that any delay might jeopardize Market-Garden, Eisenhower complied. Convinced that he could bludgeon his way into Germany in a matter of days, Patton furiously appealed to Bradley and Eisenhower. Monty, you can't do it. When Nicolaas van de Weerd, twenty-four-year-old bank clerk, got to work in the town of Wageningen on Monday, September 4, he saw a queue of Dutch Nazis waiting outside the bank. In Arnhem, the Reverend Reinhold Dijker spotted boisterous Wehrmacht troops on a truck drinking from a huge vat of wine which they had apparently brought all the way from France. EPUB ebook. The physical injury which added to these tactical discomforts had occurred after one of his routine flying visits to his principal commanders. Yet, it seemed that Monty "always wanted everything and he never did anything fast in his life." Offices closed, and trading ceased on the stock exchange. The situation of his forces in the undefended gap was chaotic. Because both Von Rundstedt and Army Group B's commander, Field Marshal Walter Model, desperately in need of reinforcements, were demanding speed, some daylight trips had been made. Student was outgunned and outnumbered; about all that stood between him and disaster was the Albert Canal itself.At what point along it would the enemy attack? Model approved the decision. So fierce and unrestrained was Montgomery's language that Eisenhower suddenly reached out, patted Montgomery's knee and told him, "Steady, Monty! In fact, nothing I said seemed to matter. Two months before the invasion of Normandy he had said, "If we do our stuff properly and no mistakes are made, then I believe that Germany will be out of the war this year." Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Ryan documented his account of the 1944 battle with pictures and maps. Constantly referring to a sheaf of Eisenhower's communications that had arrived during the previous week, he called attention to the Supreme Commander's inconsistencies in not clearly defining what was meant by "priority." She announced that her son-in-law, His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard, had been named Commander in Chief of the Netherlands Forces and would also assume leadership of all underground resistance groups. Suze was determined to witness this historic moment -- the departure of the Germans and the arrival of the Allied liberators. People sang the "Wilhelmus" (the Dutch national anthem) and "Oranje Boven!" "Model's greatest concern was the British entry into Antwerp. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. 06. 2020-07-09T19:46:25+00:00 By Download ebook | Categories: Society & Social Sciences | Tags: Cornelius Ryan | Share This Book. Suribachi from its tenacious Japanese defenders during their 35 day battle for Iwo Jima in 1945. Yet nobody, in the heady atmosphere of the moment, saw this oversight as more than a temporary condition. They could not know that shortly before dawn the three young soldiers who constituted little Driel's entire German garrison had left the village on stolen bicycles and pedaled off into the mist. There was more, but on this afternoon Von Rundstedt gave first priority to the immediate problems. Von Rundstedt had long regarded Model with less than enthusiasm. In 1939, when Hitler cold-bloodedly attacked Poland, thereby igniting the conflict that eventually engulfed the world, Von Rundstedt had clearly demonstrated the German formula for conquest -- Blitzkrieg ("lightning war") -- when his Panzer spearheads reached the outskirts of Warsaw in less than a week. Obviously his September 3 broadcast was premature; Allied troops had most certainly not crossed the Dutch border as yet. Dutch flags made their appearance. In the north British and American pressure was noticeably less. In what area were the drops planned? Von Rundstedt thought he detected an absence of movement, almost a pause, in that area. Yet he refrained from asking. A crucial turning point in the conflict had been reached. "The embryo concept (which thereafter would bear the code name "Operation Market-Garden" -- "Market" covering the airborne drop and "Garden" for the armored drive) was to be developed with the utmost speed, Montgomery ordered. They were determined to live up to the name of their militant subdivision -- Landelyke Knokploegen ("Strong-arm Boys").Everywhere men and women of the vast underground army poised for battle; and in southern towns and villages, people who believed that parts of Holland were already free ran out of their homes to welcome the liberators. Not in Library. Von Zangen's forces had to be extricated.Late in the afternoon of September 4 at Army Group B's headquarters southeast of Liège in the village of La Chaude Fontaine, Model issued a series of orders. Eisenhower had, at this moment, forty-nine divisions on the Continent. The British would never attack until the meticulous, detail-minded Montgomery was fully prepared and supplied. Not in Library. The convoys were not heading south to the western front. 2016 More ways to shop: Find an Apple Store or other retailer near you. He included a section on the survivors, “Soldiers and Civilians – What They Do Today”. He told Montgomery clearly why. Plunging along the same route were Model's own demoralized, retreating forces.In a desperate effort to halt their flight, Model issued an emotional plea to his troops....With the enemy's advance and the withdrawal of our front, several hundred thousand soldiers are falling back -- army, air force and armored units -- troops which must re-form as planned and hold in new strong points or lines.In this stream are the remnants of broken units which, for the moment, have no set objectives and are not even in a position to receive clear orders. Because of overextended communications and supply lines, he was convinced, the Allied breakneck pursuit had reached its limit. It was logical that an airborne drop would coincide with a drive on the Ruhr. The sudden disintegration of the enemy's forces and their headlong flight eastward had made the Allied timetable meaningless. It had long been planned, Tony argued, that the group should take over Ede in the event of an Allied invasion. With justification untempered by tact or explanation, Montgomery told the Prince that it would be unwise for Bernhard to visit the headquarters of the Dutch unit -- the Princess Irene Brigade -- attached to the British Second Army, quartered in the area around Diest, barely ten miles from the front line. REVIEW: Arnhem 1944 – The Human Tragedy of the Bridge Too Far Leave a Comment / Literature , Reviews / By Christopher (Moon) Mullins Although the tragedy at Arnhem and the failure of Operation Market Garden have been covered extensively here on and other websites it still remains a hot topic that draws interest from a wide audience.

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